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Born in Massachusetts, Margaret Lamp has been working on Marco Island for 20 years. With no formal dancing background, Margaret was like any other girl, “awed and inspired by ballerinas with their grace and dedication. As a child and into my teens, I wasn’t exactly the ballerina type. I had a bit of a weight issue.”

​Margaret is certified in Booty Barre, Aqua Zumba, Zumba and a Personal Trainer. As it turns out, Booty Barre is a growing favorite. “I’m honored that people love this workout and come to my classes. “ When asked how she came to want to teach Booty Barre, “I saw this woman Tracey Mallet on you tube and began my "Google" search. I found out when she would be in the area to teach the certification and I signed up! “Come to find out Tracey Mallet is the founder
of Booty Barre.

Today is a bit different for Margaret,” my Mission is to motivate, and educate people. To boost their confidence by teaching them the “do’s and don’ts “of exercise and nutrition.” Due to a reoccurring back issue, slight modification is sometimes needed in her exercise routine. But, fitness can be fun with simple and practical exercises.” I am currently working on a nutritional plan to guide in safe weight loss through proper eating and portion control. “